Last Night on CONAN: 5/21/18: Carol Burnett | Kiersey Clemons

Conan 5.21.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, May 21st, Conan welcomed
Carol Burnett & Kiersey Clemons

Conan On Obama’s Deal With Netflix & Trump’s Deal With Melania:

Conan jokes about the royal wedding,
Hugh Grant, and Prince Harry’s pick up line.

Royal Wedding Ads:

Advertisers made quick work of footage from the
wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Comfort Insects Are Banned From American Airlines:

This man and his deadly Brown Reclusive Spider named Eileen
are no longer welcome on American Airlines flights.

Fan Correction: Zambonis Aren’t Just For Ice!:

Conan sacrifices his prop master Bill Tull to prove
why Zambonis should NEVER be driven off the ice.

Carol Burnett: I Was Told Comedy Was A Man’s Game:

When Carol Burnett said she wanted her own variety show,
an executive told her “it’s not for you gals.”

Carol Burnett’s Favorite Tim Conway Cancellation Story:

Carol Burnett tells the tale of how a “nervous underling from NBC”
awkwardly informed Tim Conway that his show was cancelled.

Carol Burnett Apologized For Her Performance In “The Front Page”:

Carol Burnett thought her performance in “The Front Page” was terrible —
and a plane full of passengers watching the film agreed.

Carol Burnett: Political Comedy Wasn’t My Bag:

Carol Burnett didn’t care about being topical on
“The Carol Burnett Show,” just making people belly laugh.

Carol Burnett On Her Peabody Career Achievement Award:

56 years after winning her first Peabody Award, Carol Burnett recently
picked up another. She looks forward to receiving her next in 2074.

Carol Burnett On Her Pint-Sized Co-Stars & Fans:

Carol Burnett talks about the benefits of working with 9-year-olds
on “A Little Help,” who aren’t as jaded as 11-year-olds.

Kiersey Clemons Is More High Maintenance Than Co-Star Nick Offerman:

Kiersey wasn’t always grumpy on the set of “Hearts Beat Loud,”
just when she wanted snacks and cuddles.

Kiersey Clemons Stands By Her Public Urination Tweet:

Kiersey thinks New York City smells like pee anyway, so why not…

Kiersey Clemons Will Play Iris West In “Flashpoint”:

Kiersey may have been cut from “Justice League,”
but she confirms she’ll appear in The Flash’s upcoming movie.

Kiersey Clemons Accidentally Reads Conan’s Cue Card:

Kiersey gets distracted and confused by a cue card with her name on it.


On Tuesday, May 22nd, Conan welcomes
Cedric “The Entertainer”, Julian Dennison, Tuxedo &​ Zapp

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