Last Night on CONAN – 5/9/18: Tony Hale | Brian Posehn | James Veitch

Conan 5.9.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, May 9th, Conan welcomed
Tony Hale, Brian Posehn, and James Veitch

Conan: Trump Won’t Hold Summit At DMZ Because The Lines Are Too Long:

Conan jokes about North Korea, Best Buy, and Dr. Dre.

Are Vaping Companies Targeting Kids?:

Are vaping companies purposely designing their products
to appeal to children? Or is the FDA just blowing smoke?

Unedited Footage Of The Car Being Eaten By Lava:

Poor guy. His Uber rating is going to go way down.

Shirt Buddies In The CONAN Audience:

Two guys in the CONAN audience bond over their mutual interests:
hot dogs, hot dog shirts, and producing BBC documentaries about hot dogs.

“Game Of Thrones” Is Too Intense For Tony Hale:

Most TV shows and movies stress Tony out, he prefers to stick to
YouTube videos of babies laughing and people winning “The Voice.”

Tony Hale Tried To Face His Fear Of Heights:

Tony’s fearless daughter had no problem with a sky-high ropes course.
Tony got to the top and went into a state of paralysis.

Tony Hale Brought His Childhood Drama Teacher To The SAG Awards:

Tony walked the red carpet with the woman who kickstarted his acting career —
and she spend the whole time badmouthing him in front of the press.

Tony Hale Doesn’t Know How To Explain This “Arrested Development” Clip:

Tony’s character’s hand was eaten by a seal in a previous season.
And that’s all you need to know for this clip.

Brian Posehn’s Weight Loss Secret:

Instead of getting super high and eating whatever is around,
Brian gets high and hits the gym.

Brian Posehn & His Wife Secretly Go To Disneyland Without Their Son:

Brian and his wife like to sneak off to Disneyland to
ride Space Mountain without their 9-year-old son.

Brian Posehn Wants People To Give “The Big Bang Theory” A Chance:

Brian is worried that if the series ends, Kunal Nayyar won’t be able to pay for
his Ferrari and Jim Parsons will have to do another Broadway play to make ends meet.

James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank:

When a man confused James for his landlord, there was only one
thing James could do — pretend to be his landlord.


On Thursday, May 10th, Conan welcomes
Tracee Ellis Ross, Rob Riggle, and Bush

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