[Preview] Blast Off with Jacky Johnson in Action Lab’s JUPITER JET Vol. 1 TPB

Jupiter Jet #1

Collect the heartwarming adventures of a
teenager with a jetpack and family crises!

JUPITER JET is written by Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, the husband and wife duo behind the podcast Geek History Lesson, and illustrated by Ben Matsuya. Jason shared some of his thoughts about the series with Shoot the Breeze Comics: “Jacky is going to through a journey like we all do when we are teenagers. Our eyes are opened wide. We think we know everything about the world and slowly we come to realize how wrong we are. Jacky is going to experience that as well, but her revelations are the weirder and darker things in her world.”

JUPITER JET is truly an all-ages story. Ashley commented to Comicosity that “Some of the best comics are all ages (Batman Adventures, Chuck Dixon’s Robin, Ms. Marvel, America), and Jupiter Jet sprung from a shared love Jason and I have for that style of storytelling.”

Read the series that Tom King (BATMAN, MISTER MIRACLE) says is “Pure awesome comics. From page one, I felt like I was with Jupiter Jet, soaring and smiling, eager for the next adventure.”


Writers: Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson
Artist: Ben Matsuya
Cover Artist: Jonboy Meyers
128 pgs./ E / FC
16-year-old Jacqueline “Jacky” Johnson inherits a jetpack with a mysterious power source. Along with her brother, Chuck, and their cat, she must protect her home from a mysterious threat that may just be from outer space!

What people are saying about Jupiter Jet:

“It really is not easy creating and building a story of this caliber, but Inman, Robinson, Matsuya, Carpenter, and Esposito prove that with great talent come great storytelling.” (Comicosity)

Jupiter Jet is a true unicorn of a comic book. It’s an all ages book that is truly ALL AGES. Whether its a little kid picking up their first comic, a Disney or Warner Bros animation fan or someone who loves classic comic strips, all will find something to love here.” (Outright Geekery)

“This new series continues to carve a niche for itself by telling an all-ages superhero story with healthy doses of steampunk technology and Rocketeer-inspired adventure thrown in.” (IGN)


The first volume of JUPITER JET collects issues 1-5 and will be available in a comic book store near you on May 30, 2018. It can be preordered through Diamond with the item code MAR181025.


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