Last Night on CONAN – 3/13/18: Terry Crews | Robert Reich | Mark Normand

Conan 3.13.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, March 13th, Conan welcomed
Terry Crews, Robert Reich, and Mark Normand

Conan: Betsy DeVos & Stormy Daniels Are Equally
Qualified To Be Education Secretary

Conan jokes about Rex Tillerson’s ouster,
“Game of Thrones,” and more.

LIVE Footage Of Trump’s Motorcade In Los Angeles:

LIVE helicopter footage caught President Trump’s limo
colluding with a Stormy Daniels billboard.

Governor Cuomo’s Cynthia Nixon Attack Ad:

Where did the Governor of New York dig up
this high quality, incriminating footage of Cynthia Nixon?

The St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock & More Unused CONAN Costumes:

Last year, hundreds of hours and dollars went into making
this shamrock costume. We better use it this year.

Terry Crews: Kevin Hart Tried To Play Mind Games With Me:

On Kevin Hart’s new show “What The Fit,” Kevin tried to convince
Terry Crews that his smaller size made him a superior athlete.

Terry Crews Shops At Sephora:

Terry admits to covering up the grays in his beard
and hogging the makeup mirror at Sephora.

Terry Crews Eats Fruity Pebbles Before Bed:

When Terry goes to sleep after half a box of sugar cereal,
he has crazy dreams about Cap’n Crunch and Fred Flintstone cage matches.

Terry Crews Built A Computer With His Son:

Terry helped his son build a computer —
with the help of some very excited Best Buy employees.

Robert Reich: We’re Not Firing The Person Who Ought To Be Fired:

Robert discusses Rex Tillerson’s ouster
and diagnoses President Trump as a sociopath.

Robert Reich On Leaders Who Admire Ayn Rand:

Robert doesn’t understand how leaders like President Trump and Mike Pompeo
can be inspired by a “philosopher” who says selfishness is great.

Robert Reich On Student Activism & More Reasons For Optimism:

Robert is inspired by this generation of young people
and their commitment to improving the country.

Robert Reich On Weeding Out Fake News & Leaving The Echo Chamber:

Robert thinks people should be more critical of the news they read and spread.

Robert Reich On The Need To Lessen Income Inequality:

Robert thinks that if we don’t do anything about
income inequality, we’ll have more Donald Trumps.

Mark Normand Wishes He Could Get Offended:

Mark wishes he cared about anything
as much as some people care about offensive jokes.


On Wednesday, March 14th, Conan welcomes
Jeff Goldblum, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Nothing But Thieves

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