PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 TP from Image Comics

PopCultHQ received a review copy of Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 TP from Image Comics. Available August 30th, 2017, the creative team for this series features writing from Mark Millar, art from Frank Quitely, colors by Sunny Gho, and lettering from Peter Doherty.

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of…

Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 TP

Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Frank Quitely
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Letterer: Peter Doherty
In Shops: August 30th, 2017

SRP: $16.99

IT’S HERE! Industry sales beast JUPITER’S LEGACY is back with MARK MILLAR & FRANK QUITELY! Superhero offspring Hutch and Chloe have come out of hiding with son Jason to assemble a team of super-crooks from around the globe. Collects JUPITER’S LEGACY, VOL. 2 #1-5

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 TP


Mark Millar’s second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy does just as much as the first one did. Action, adventure, superhero fights, compelling plot about the nature of superheroes in the world. There is everything Millar fans want in this volume, and it will surely drive fans to go and re-read other Jupiter-related works.


Frank Quitely and Mark teaming up means fans will get a superhero splashtacular. Frank’s art defies it all, and proves as it has with other projects he’s worked on, that this is a man who gets the superhero genre and shows it off in all his works.

Sunny Gho is a colorist supreme on the Jupiter’s Legacy series. There’s not a single panel that isn’t filled with rich vibrant colors for the world of Millar and Quitely’s teamup. It’s splashy, it’s bright, it’s alive, it’s nothing short of super.

Peter Doherty is at bat again with this next installment of Jupiter’s Legacy. His working with Millar and Quitely makes this another fabulous threesome teamup for these fellows. Readers who enjoyed the first series and Doherty’s work will not be sorry when they pick up this trade.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

A powerhouse conclusion to Mark Millar’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ story. Chloe and Hutch and their son draw battle lines in a plan to take back the world for freedom and justice, and everyone who did not read the series when it was being printed, will want to pick up a copy of this trade. It only proves again that Mark Millar is a comics genius and that when paired up with people like Frank, Sunny and Peter, it’s nonstop amazing on every page.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

5 Out of 5 Stars

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Writer – Mark Millar






Artist – Frank Quitely


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Colorist – Sunny Gho






Letterer – Peter Doherty






Publisher – Image Comics