Movie Review: AMELIA 2.0 Asks “What Makes Us Human?”

What defines your humanity? Is it your brain, your soul, or the ability to love? Is trans-humanism possible? If your brain is moved to a different body are you still human? Adam Orton and TriCoast Entertainment explore that question in AMELIA 2.0.

Life is good for Carter (Ben Whitehair) and Amelia Sumerland (Angela Billman) until Amelia is tragically struck down. A grief-stricken Carter is given a choice, he can either watch his wife slowly die trapped in a unresponsive body or he can give her a new life and have her mind transplanted to a robotic body in an experimental procedure.

When Amelia awakes, nothing is like he hoped… or is it?  After all, what makes you human?

Star-Studded Cast

The star-studded cast includes Ed Begley Jr. (“Ghostbusters”, “Pineapple Express”), Chris Ellis (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Apollo 13”), Debra Wilson (“Avatar”), Eddie Jemison (“Oceans 11,13”, “War Dogs”) and Kate Vernon (“Malcolm X”, “The Last Song”, “Pretty in Pink”).

Based off the play The Summerland Project written by Rob Merritt about a dying woman whose mind is placed into an artificial body.

This heartfelt sci-fi movie explores one of humanities oldest questions…What makes you human?

The beginning is a little slow compared to the action-packed filming we have come to expect in today’s cinema, but that is the perfect tool to give you the sense of normality in Carter and Amelia’s lives. Without it, you wouldn’t feel the desperation Carter feels when he finally makes his decision and once his decision is made, you are riveted.

A modern take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with a strong dose of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and the emotional impact of A.I. Artificial Intelligence. This is a movie well worth watching.

Check out the trailer, though I warn you, it doesn’t do the show justice;

AMELIA 2.0 TRAILER from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.

4 out of 5 Stars