[Preview] Action Lab’s 7/26 “Digital First” Release: MIRACULOUS: ANIMAN

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment has the latest from Zag Entertainment’s MIRACULOUS. In their Digital First release – ANIMAN, it’s off to the zoo where it’s mix-up after mix-up and the trip to see the animals is taking a turn for the worse. Come on, Ladybug and Cat Noir! You’re our only hope!

Here’s a look at the cover, the storyline, and preview pages for this week’s new digital release from Action Lab Entertainment on New Comic Book Day! #NCBD


New Release for the week of July 26, 2017



Writer: Zag Entertainment
Artist: Zag Entertainment
Cover Artist: Zag Entertainment

Arranged and Adapted by: Cheryl Black and Nicole D’Andria

Adrien tries to help his friend Nino out with his crush… Marinette! Unfortunately, there’s a mix-up and Marinette thinks Adrien is the one asking her out to the zoo. Things get even worse when the zookeeper, Otis, transforms into Animan. Now with the ability to shapeshift into any animal, Animan goes after Marinette’s classmate Kim. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir save him in time?

What people are saying about Miraculous:

“My daughter is a Miraculous Ladybug fanatic, and of the million toys she received on her birthday, this was absolutely her favorite thing.” (Amazon Customer Review)

Kids who love the show will enjoy this comic book.” (Goodreads Customer Review)

“Well-adapted from a series that is clever, well-written and well-designed. It’s a win/win situation…”
(Major Spoilers)


64 pgs./ E / FC                   $1.99 (DIGITAL) 

*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment


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