Last Night on CONAN – 7/10/17: Snoop Dogg | Flula Borg | Mastodon

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On Monday, July 10th,
Conan welcomed Snoop Dogg
Flula Borg (Seeso’s Flulanthropy),
and musical guest Mastodon.

CONAN Monologue 07/10/17:

Conan jokes about the G20 summit, “Dancing with the Stars,” and President Roomba.

The Return Of Comic Khan:

The genetically enhanced super-being / club comic returns to warm up the crowd for #ConanCon. CONAN returns to Comic-Con® July 19-23.

Spider-Man Is Going Through An Awkward Phase:

Conan thinks “Spider-Man: Homecoming” went a little too far
to remind us that Peter Parker is still a growing boy.

Andy Richter’s Open Tabs:

Andy’s browser tabs betray his predilection for teen MILFS and cheap heroin.

Conan Had To Get Snoop Dogg His Own Trailer:

Only two CONAN guests have ever gotten their own trailers:
Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson.

Snoop Dogg On His NBA Finals Look:

Snoop defends his Hugh Hefner-esque smoker’s jacket look.

Snoop Dogg & Conan’s Hypothetical Dinner Date:

Now that Snoop’s co-hosted a cooking show with Martha Stewart, he’s ready to prepare lobster thermidor and chicken fettuccine for Conan.

Snoop Dogg & Conan Compare UFC Fighting Styles:

Snoop’s a pretty laid back guy, but he’d bite, kick,
and pull his opponent in the octagon.

Snoop Dogg Predicted Trump’s Presidency:

Back in 2011, Snoop told a joke about Trump
moving into The White House after President Obama.

Flula Borg Did Not Enjoy The 4th of July:

Flula can’t stand fireworks, so he’s going to stick to celebrating
European holidays like German Sandwich Day.

Flula Borg Recreated Anne Geddes Photos:

Releasing a calendar in July is a bold move,
but releasing a calendar of semi-nude photos is even bolder.

Flula Borg Knows How To Protect The Earth:

Flula has come up with a way for world leaders
to screw the earth without harming the environment.

Mastodon “Show Yourself” 07/10/17:

Mastodon perform the single off their album Emperor of Sand.


On Tuesday, July 11th, Conan welcomes
Aidy Bryant (Amazon’s Danger & Eggs),
Dr. Jennifer Berman (The Doctors),
and musical guest Earth, Wind, & Fire.

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