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A Message from Writer Rick Laprade

Writer Rick Laprade

Miru, a mild mannered dragon living in NYC, discovers he is at the center of a universal conspiracy set to destroy all realities and existence.

The Adventures of Miru tells the tale of a group of outcasts overcoming their differences, facing their own personal demons, and finding the powers within themselves to save the day.

The series has serious heart. Given, I’m biased. We cover a slew of issues ranging from acceptance to mental illness, and we tackle it in a cross between high fantasy and hardcore sci-fi. It’s easily the most fun I’ve ever had writing, and I feel like the series can speak for itself. While we are only five issues deep, we have over a hundred planned. The breadth of the series, however, has a thousand tales to tell.

The Adventures of Miru is a classic quest of the hero tale, defining the true essence of good and evil in the most magical of ways. Vast in scale and with endless possibilities, Miru’s world of Gaia is the literal nexus of all dimensions, promising all sorts of technology, magic, and fantastical creatures. The presiding themes are trust and friendship, as outsider Miru is generally hated because of how his species ravaged the world for generations.

If a reader gets anything out of the series then I’m a happy camper. If they enjoy it, it inspires them, it helps them in some way, or even if they don’t like it and it pushes them to do something better… mission accomplished.

This series is a huge passion project. It comes from many sleepless nights, social anxiety, and playing Dungeons & Dragons for 25 years. The world we created is very important to me, and it’s huge. I know the characters are important to the whole team, especially Jemal, who created Miru years ago. Thankfully, he let me run with it and create a ton of supporting characters to populate the universe.


Writers: Rick Laprade (script), Rick Laprade & J. McClary (story)
Artists: J. McClary (pencils, inks), Eleonora Dalla Rosa (colors), Rick Laprade (letters)

Cover Artists: J. McClary (art) & Eleonora Dalla Rosa (colors)

The adventure begins here! When Miru crash lands on the world of Gaia, he inadvertently becomes the most wanted creature around. Along with a rag-tag band of allies, Miru begins his journey to save all existence from the devious Dr. Monopoly and his wicked master, the demon king, Samsura!

128 pgs./ A / FC $14.99

What people are saying about The Adventures of Miru:

“Kids of any age won’t be able to resist picking this issue up.” (School Library Journal)

“Laprade does a stellar job of keeping it light and fun while still keeping the ball rolling. Artist J. McClary brings some gorgeous line work to the pages and Eleonora Dalla Rosa loads it all down with vibrant colors!” (Geeks of Doom)

“…expect a fun adventure tale with an unusual cast of characters.” (Comic Bastards)

“This is a great comic for anyone into futuristic fantasy or cute dragons.” (DoomRocket)

Enjoy a preview of these grand adventures from The Adventures of Miru #2, pages 9-14:

The Adventures of Miru collects issues #1-5 of the series.
It will be available in a comic book shop near you on August 30th, 2017.
Order you copy with the Diamond item code JUN171080.

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