Last Night on CONAN (3/21): Reese Witherspoon | Nick Swardson

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On Tuesday, March 21st, Conan welcomed
Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies) and Nick Swardson (Sandy Wexler).

CONAN Monologue 03/21/17:

Conan jokes about Twitter’s birthday, Trump’s mission to Mars, and Roger Stone’s Nixon tattoo.

Andy Richter Knows How To Save Meals On Wheels:

How do we save Meals on Wheels when Trump is calling for drastic increases in military spending? We weaponize our generosity.

Dogs Can’t Be Trusted:

A study found that dogs actively deceive humans to get what they want.
Better keep a close eye on your car keys.

Reese Witherspoon Went To New Zealand With Oprah:

Reese shot “A Wrinkle In Time” in New Zealand with Oprah
and benefited from many free muffins and advice.

Reese Witherspoon Just Found Out She’s Irish:

Reese just got the results of a genetic test back, and now she thinks she might be related to Conan.

Reese Witherspoon Dragged Mindy Kaling Around New Zealand:

Reese didn’t bring her children along for her “Wrinkle In Time” shoot in New Zealand,
but she did kind of adopt Mindy Kaling.

Reese Witherspoon Communicates With Her Kids On Social Media:

Reese has been known to send her son a photo of a blobfish
with the accompanying text, “Monday Feels.”

Nick Swardson Learned Not To Get Cocky Around Fire:

Nick tried too hard to play it cool in a “Sandy Wexler” scene
where his whole body was engulfed in flames.

Nick Swardson’s Shifty Manager:

One of Nick’s first managers billed him $20 for a job he didn’t even help Nick get.

Nick Swardson Goes Large In Vegas:

Nick prefers not to go to Vegas with his friends Adam Sandler and David Spade,
who like to be in bed by 11.

Nick Swardson Got A Tattoo On A Cruise Ship With Chris Kirkpatrick:

Yes, it’s that Chris Kirkpatrick from N’SYNC. And they got matching tattoos.


On Wednesday, March 22nd, Conan welcomes
Erin Andrews (Dancing with the Stars) and WWE’s Big Show.

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