Preview Alterna Comics New Release (2/23): CREATORS #4 by Michael S. Bracco

Available Thursday, February 22nd, is the fourth issue of the uniquely imaginative series CREATORS.
The sci-fi comic from Michael S. Bracco is about the awesome and terrifying power of imagination and features writing, art, lettering, and editing all from Michael himself!

Here’s a preview of Alterna Comics‘ new release…CREATORS #4.



Writer: Michael S. Bracco
Artist: Michael S. Bracco
Cover: Michael S. Bracco

$1.99, 32 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Action
Digital Comic
Maya makes a new friend in Simon and Roxie, as she tries to feel at home as best as she can. But after an ominous meeting with the school’s headmistress, Maya becomes certain that there is something far more nefarious to the Creator Academy than meets the eye.
RELEASE DATE: February 23rd



In the near future, several young people across the globe develop the ability to literally bring their imaginations to life through their drawings. This power, fueled by raw adolescent emotion can be awe inspiring or massively destructive and dangerous, depending on the intent of who wields it. Feared by the world and hunted by the B.C.E. (The Bureau of Creative Enforcement), the Creators fight to understand their abilities and carve out their place in the world.

CREATORS #4 is available Thursday, February 23rd!

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