Last Night on CONAN (1/19): Andrew Dice Clay | Jen Kirkman | Billy Wayne Davis

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan!

On Thursday, January 19th, Conan welcomed 

Andrew Dice Clay (My Kitchen Rules),

comedian Jen Kirkman (Netflix’s Just Keep Livin’?),

and comedian Billy Wayne Davis.

CONAN Monologue 01/19/17:

Conan jokes about angry white men, the rapture, and Trump’s inauguration.

Trump Calls Obama On The Eve Of His Inauguration:

The President-elect squeezes in one last call to Obama to learn about Inauguration protocol.

Trump’s Inauguration Performers Are Big League:

In addition to tremendous acts like Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down, Trump’s big day is also going to feature the Marlboro Man, a professional saxophone pointer, and our very own Really Tall Dachshund.

Andrew Dice Clay Smoked Pot On The Set Of “Vinyl”:

Andrew Dice Clay played a convincing drugged-out radio executive on the HBO drama, partially because he really was on drugs.

Andrew Dice Clay: Trump Stole My Act:

Andrew Dice Clay thinks the President-elect stole his act and Rodney Dangerfield’s look.

Andrew Dice Clay: Trump Fixed My Sister’s Leaky Roof

Andrew Dice Clay’s sister lived in a Trump building, so Dice lodged a personal maintenance request with the Donald himself.

Andrew Dice Clay: Divorce Saved My Marriage

As Andrew Dice Clay rationalizes, once you’re divorced, there’s no threat of divorce.

Jen Kirkman On The Women’s Marches

Jen is attending one of the marches, but she doesn’t totally get why just because some douchebag got elected, she has to walk 12 miles.

Meditation Isn’t Helping Jen Kirkman’s Road Rage:

Jen thinks meditation is about feeling superior to other people, but on one recent occasion she wasn’t able to rise above…

Jen Kirkman Auditions For A Boston Movie:

For your consideration at next year’s Academy Awards: “The Charles River” starring Jen Kirkman.

Billy Wayne Davis Stand-Up 01/19/17:

Is Billy Wayne Davis the only stand-up comedian in history to work immortal raccoons into a set?




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