Cosplay Photos: FlipCon 2016

The Forest Park Library held their fourth annual FlipCon this weekend. It was a tiny convention full of local guests and family fun.

The event was full of comics and related activities and the kids seemed to be having fun. A few of the guests included:

Midwest Costumes with a Cause

Costumers with a Cause

Chicago Ecto 1 Team

Captain Chicago

Author Kendra Hadnott
a freelance author of paranormal children fantasies. Author of Somebody’s Nobody, third place winner in the 2014 International 3-Day Novel Contest. Check out her current work Death Leaders.

Author – Rebecca Frencl
Local middle school teacher and sci-fi fantasy author of the Star Circle Trilogy

Books by Rebecca Frencl

Author – Brendan Detzner
His latest novel is “The Hidden Lands,” part two of the ‘Orphan Fleet’ series.
Jaire is a young lad that loads and unloads ships but when their homes normal defenses fail to activate to fend off an invading army, he takes it upon himself to find out why.

Author Brendan Detzner

Comic Artist – Trevor Mueller
Author of ‘Albert the Alien’ series (stay tuned for more on him later)


Unfortunately, I was having problems with my new camera, so I seem to have lost several shots and videos. I apologize if your photo is not here.