Last Night on CONAN (12/21): Bryan Cranston & James Franco | Barry Crimmins | Billie Jo Armstrong

Conan 5.8.18

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan.

On Wednesday, December 21st, Conan welcomed
actors Bryan Cranston &​ James Franco (Why Him?),
comedian Barry Crimmins, and musician Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day).

CONAN Monologue 12/21/16: Conan jokes about Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and toast-robots.

Trump And Obama’s Final Call Of 2016: Barack makes a final attempt to talk some sense into Trump, but The Donald gets distracted.

Build A Boyfriend For The Holidays With DIY BF: The holidays can seem hollow without someone special by your side.

Conan Gives Away 206 iPhones!: Conan rolls out enough iPhones for his entire studio audience! And he’s got even more tricks up his sleeve…

Why Him?” Features James Franco’s Painting Of Humping Capybaras: Bryan Cranston was the lucky recipient of another of James Franco’s works: a painting of a marijuana leaf.

James Franco To Bryan Cranston: “I’m The New Partner, Bitch: Bryan admires James’ impressive oeuvre, and James loves Bryan’s early work in “Baywatch” and “Street Fighter II.”

James Franco’s Lower Half Gets A Lot Of Screentime In “Why Him?: “Sometimes part of that robe wasn’t in a strategic place” – Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally saw a lot of James in “Why Him?.”

Bryan Cranston Goes Commando In “Why Him?: A bare-bottomed Bryan Cranston couldn’t stop cracking up with co-star Keegan Michael-Key.

A Pro-Trump Artist Is Taunting Bryan Cranston: The artist is trying to get under Bryan’s skin with a photoshop of the “Why Him?” poster, but Bryan is just amused.

Barry Crimmins On The State Of Comedy: The 40-year veteran of comedy compares the current number of comedians in New York City to a refugee crisis.

Barry Crimmins On Trump & The Media: Barry teaches Conan the word “dildoic,” which might come in handy the next four years…

Billie Joe Armstrong “Ordinary World” 12/21/16: The Green Day frontman performs a song off the band’s twelfth studio album, Revolution Radio.

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