Piano Man Dean Fontessa Returns in ‘JAZZ: MIDNIGHT’ Graphic Novel by Gary Scott Beatty


Piano Man Dean Fontessa Returns in JAZZ: MIDNIGHT Graphic Novel

Imagine you’re 20-something years old and in a few short years the music style you’ve been studying all your life will end. This is Dean Fontessa. He plays cool jazz. It’s 1957.

111JAZZ: MIDNIGHT is being offered through Caliber Entertainment on ComiXology and Amazon. The short stories have appeared over the years in Indie Comics Magazine and Caliber Presents. Author and illustrator Gary Scott Beatty has created new art pages and written an afterword. The full graphic novel is 56 pages.

Beatty wraps five stand alone stories around Dean and his club musicians. The stories come together with a twist, like a masterful, cool jazz solo. Beatty’s unique illustration style, inspired by ‘50s album cover design, drops readers into the late night music clubs of 1957 with a fantastic, innovative blend of art and text.

These stories were always meant to form one, large narrative,” said Beatty. “Jazz: Midnight can be looked at as following my Xeric-awarded Jazz: Cool Birth, but it’s not necessary to read one to enjoy the other.

jjjCool Birth was in screaming, bright color, but in Midnight I explored the look of stark black ink. After all, color was prohibitively expensive in 1957 so one color was the norm for most illustration.

JAZZ: MIDNIGHT features mature themes and 56 pages of dynamic, black ink art for only $2.99!

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