‘The Walking Dead’ Review: 7×03 – “The Cell” [SPOILERS]

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Daryl fans, this was an episode to keep you on the edge of your seats! Last night’s episode gave us a glimpse into the Sanctuary, Negan’s compound. I don’t think I’d mind living in the Sanctuary; Dwight gets to watch old episodes of “Who’s the Boss?” and eat sandwiches.

Daryl, in his cell, is at first completely nude, eating dog food sandwiches. He is then given some sweats with the letter “A” spray painted across it.  He’s forced to listen to the same song over and over, “Easy Street.” You bet this song is getting hits on YouTube. Check it out below:

twd-1The episode was also about Dwight’s backstory. We find out Negan took Dwight’s sister-in-law to be one of his wives but then took Dwight’s own wife. We know that Dwight tried escaping from Negan but is now back to following his orders.  Dwight is a reluctant follower but believes there is no other way.

Daryl, however, never submits to Negan. He refuses to kneel before him. When asked by Negan, “Who are you?” Negan expects him to say, “Negan.” But Daryl doesn’t do it. He simply says, “Daryl.” He is sent back to his cell. Finally, after Dwight’s persistent wearing him down, he breaks and begins to sob once “Cryin‘” by Roy Orbison is played and they throw the Polaroid of Glenn at Daryl. (Could also be a picture of Abraham).


I’ve read from fans that they were disappointed in this episode, saying it was “boring” and “didn’t have enough action.” I’d have to argue that some of the best episodes weren’t gory. I appreciate the direction of this episode and the slow breakdown from Daryl. I still don’t feel like the Sanctuary is all that bad as it should be. Negan still doesn’t feel as conniving as in the comics. Maybe it’s building to it.

Overall: B-

The Walking Dead returns next week, Sunday, November 13th, with a 90-minute episode. Here’s your first look!

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