The Best of #ConanNYC Week – Louis C.K., Ryan Reynolds, Tracy Morgan

apolloThis past week, Conan took his late-night show on the road back to New York City and broadcast from Harlem’s world-famous Apollo Theater. In honor of the occasion, #TeamCoco had special guests appear, including the hilarious Louis C.K., the wise-crackin’ Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, and comedian Tracy Morgan leaves the crowd in stitches. PopCultHQ brings you the best, funniest, and most memorable moments from Conan’s 4-day trip to Harlem!

Election Battle!

Trump Tower
Hillary’s Chappaqua Home

This election is so contentious that even the candidates’ buildings are fighting it out for Election Day supremacy.

Conan Meets His Harlem Neighbors

Conan starts his week-long residency at the world famous Apollo theater by hitting the streets of Harlem, buying a few bootleg CDs, and getting his hair did.

Louis C.K. Is All In For Hillary

CONAN Highlight:
If you vote for Hillary you’re a grownup;
if you vote for Trump you’re a sucker;
if you don’t vote for anyone, you’re an asshole

Louis C.K.’s Embarrassing NYC Story

Louis wasn’t sure why everyone was shooting him dirty looks until he glanced down and saw that he was hanging in the breeze.

Louis C.K. Wanted To Dance Just Like N’SYNC

Not that he would ever use his sweet dance moves, of course.
Just knowing that he had them in his back pocket would be enough for Louis.

Ryan Reynolds & Conan Star In
The Notebook 2

CONAN Highlight:
Forget about prosciutto underpants and anti-dolphin documentaries, Ryan’s new project involves his own true love, Conan O’Brien.

Ryan Reynolds: Canadian Halloween Is F***ng Dangerous

Canadians are usually pretty nice and pacifistic but come All Hallows’ Eve, they break out the bottle rockets.

Ryan Reynolds Told The Canadian Prime Minister To Annex Alaska

Ryan got invited to dine with the Obamas and Prime Minister Trudeau at the White House when he advised his PM to take Alaska while no one else was looking.

Tracy Morgan Forgives
The Walmart Driver Who Hit Him

CONAN Highlight:
Tracy’s made peace with the truck driver who t-boned him.
Tracy’s new neighbors on the other hand…

 The Stars Of “Oh, Hello
Give Conan A Welcome Basket

George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon have lots of great goodies for Conan, like the most sun-faded signed photo of Danny Aiello they could find.

Conan Learns To Dance At Alvin Ailey

Conan slips into some leggings and learns how to move from the masters of modern dance.

 Ken & Ric Burns’ New Documentary On Conan In Harlem

Harlem—once bright and once grand—has fallen to ruin thanks to the influence of a gangly, ginger jackass.

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