SDCC 2016: Official Trailer for Season Seven of “The Walking Dead”

The final episode of season six of “The Walking Dead” is arguably one of the very best episodes as it took fans’ emotions all over the place. On one hand you have the excitement from viewers highly-anticipating the debut of Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s portrayal of the violent antagonist Negan (accompanied by his barb wire-wrapped baseball bat, the lovely Lucille) to the screeching halt by the closing scene, which evoked fear and shock within practically everyone. And though October seems like it will never get here, we do have some relief thanks to the network’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con International.

The studio has answered countless fans on social media prior to the con and confirmed that the season seven first episode will indeed show just whom met their fate. So for now we have Comic-Con, which is not only home to some of the best in the comic book industry, but the entertainment and pop culture industries also highlight this convention on their calendar and generally make their biggest announcements.  AMC, network to other comic book-adaptations, such as Preacher & Fear the Walking Dead, gave one helluva trailer today at their SDCC panel. Not surprisingly, we are still left hanging as to whom Negan’s (or should we say Lucille’s) victim is, but we are given a look at what appears to be a horde of zombies new additions coming this fall.

So for those who did not see the final moments that closed out season six and what to see what the fuss is, or for those who the details are fuzzy since it was, like, ages ago (April), here’s the final minutes which ultimately lead us to the October season premiere trailer which you can fin below.

As is tradition with the series, this next season will be divided into two eight-episode blocks running in the with a nice winter break separating the show in Dec./Jan. For now, it is teasers and trailers to keep us craving for more brains episodes. This should whet your palette.

Official The Walking Dead Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer:

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