Zenescope Preview Snow White VS Snow White #1

We got a preview copy of Zenescope’s SNOW WHITE VS SNOW WHITE #1. This is the first of a two-issue miniseries.

First, look at the cover and you know that this isn’t the Snow White you’re familiar with. This issue was written by Lou Iovino, drawn by David Cutler, colored by Valentina Cuomo, and lettered by Christy Sawyer.

snow white vs snow white1

Lou can definitely write, but the artwork is what truly tells the tale behind the words. I love how they show the dragon changing forms.

This is an action-packed issue from beginning to end, but unfortunately it leaves you hanging. I guess I need to pick up the next issue to see what happens next.

snow white vs snow white2When Sela Mathers’ original book of stories was destroyed, the beings were released into the world. Since then, Ray Faulkner – Earth’s power-hungry and corrupt “Binder” – has been recreating the book. He believes that if he can capture all the beings roaming free and restore the book to its original form, he’ll be able to use it as a portal to the other Realms of Power. But what happens when his plan backfires and a new threat is unleashed? Meet the evil Snow White?

Everyone has a dark evil side, even the beloved Snow White. Sela Mathers knows this all too well and fought and conquered her dark side….or so she thought. When that part is pulled from her to create her evil twin, Sela must once again fight. And at this point it is to save Belinda… who else will she have to save?

snow white vs snow white

Can Sela win this time? But at what cost?

PopCultHQ Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

PCHQ 3.5