Zenescope’s Robyn Hood Comes to a Close

After four years, a chapter of the Grimm Universe is coming to a close and writer Pat Shand is closing it with a wedding.

Will Zenescope‘s Robyn Hood finally get her happily ever after?

robyn hood 1 (600x420)

Join Robyn Locksley, Marian Quin and the rest of their friends and foes in the first ever same-sex wedding for all of Zenescope.

You know it can’t go smoothly, but what can go wrong?

In a fitting final tribute, original artist Larry Watts joins the series’ colorist Slamet Mujiono to bring you an action packed double-sized issue that you won’t be able to put down and they promise to give you….

“an issue filled with dramatic reveals, zombies, and pastry mishaps… with an undercurrent of:
What’s next for Robyn?
When does she get to be happy?
What if…?
We’ll give possible answers to these questions, as well as leaving some hanging. This stand-alone, double-sized issue is a four-years-in-the-making conclusion to one of Zenescope’s most popular ongoing series that you won’t want to miss!”

Pat Shand

robyn hood 2 (395x600)

Order the Robyn Hood 2016 Annual now at your comic book store for the May release and reserve your copy with Diamond Order codes: FEB161984, FEB161985, FEB161986, or FEB161987.

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