Zenescope brings us their Newest Series: Death Force

Zenescope‘s newest comic series, brought to you by the creative genius of writer and Zenescope President Joe Brusha and artist Marc Rosete, Death Force is available through order at your comic shops now and hits shelves May 2016.

death force 6 (392x600)A police officer is left for dead when he stumbles onto the wrong case, but someone (or something) gives him a second chance…..with a caveat ….

He must exchange his soul for the power to take revenge.

death force2 (402x600) death force1 (402x600)

The question is…can he control the DEATH FORCE?

Death Force is the first true antihero we’ve introduced into the Zenescope Universe. He’s trying to be a real hero but his power comes from an evil source, so he’s constantly battling himself; he’ll be very conflicted throughout the series.” – Joe Brusha

death force 5 (396x600) death force 4 (388x600) death force 3 (396x600)

Check it out!