Season 2 of Netflix/Marvel’s “Daredevil” To Include Pivotal Character Elektra

Season two of “Daredevil” looks to outshine the surprising hit of the first.  Recently, we heard the news of Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) taking on the role of Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher.  That alone will make for good television.  But it looks like the Netflix and Marvel teams decided on introducing a character synonymous with the Man Without Fear… Elektra.

Elodie Yung to play Elektra in Netflix's Daredevil (Season 2)
Elodie Yung to play Elektra in Netflix’s Daredevil (Season 2)

It has been announced that Elodie Yung has won the role of the sai-wielding badass.  The character is described by Marvel as, “a mysterious woman from Matt Murdock’s past whose dangerous and exotic ways may be more than he can handle.”  Executive Producer and Head of Marvel Television, Jeff Loeb, had this to say in regards to the selection of Yung for this key character,

After a worldwide search, we found in Elodie the perfect actress to embody both Elektra’s impressive and deadly physicality, as well as her psychological complexity. Paired with Charlie as Matt Murdock, the two will bring one of the most beloved and tumultuous comic book relationships to life with all the accompanying sparks and spectacular action sequences the show is known for.

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Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, 300, Sin City) was added to the Daredevil writing team during a struggling time for the title.  He began writing the series beginning with issue #158. It was because of Miller that the Kingpin was brought over from Spider-Man stories to become Matt Murdock’s main nemesis.  Miller also incorporated a different environment for the hero by including martial arts and ninjas (the Chaste, the Hand).  One of the best characters to come out of the Daredevil comic books is Elektra.  The female assassin had a peculiar, but intriguing chemistry with the blind hero.  This somewhat antihero was depicted as a strong, independent woman who could fight with the bad boys.  She earned immediate respect.

Though she only lasted 24 issues after debuting, as we all know a popular character dying in the comic book world is never final.  Elektra went on to have a highly praised miniseres (Elektra: Assassin) as well as other appearances throughout the Marvel Universe, including the Daredevil title a little oven ten years after her “death.” A standalone film on the assassin (played by Jennifer Garner) did hit theaters in 2005 but received poor reviews and was considered a failure at the box office.  But then again so did Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie.  Fortunately these characters are receiving their well-deserved credit, recognition, and time to shine thanks to the online streaming service.



The second season of Netflix’s Daredevil is tentatively scheduled to debut in April of 2016.

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