Marvel’s Secret Wars Event – All 259 Available Covers Including Variants! UPDATED!!!

Marvel's Epic Event Secret Wars
Marvel’s Epic Event Secret Wars

Marvel‘s universe-changing event Secret Wars is under way and it is massive!  Between the main Secret Wars miniseries and all of the tie-ins, there are currently 259 different covers to purchase if you want to own them all.  We have compiled the current issues/covers available as of Wednesday, July 1st.  This checklist will be updated as new issues are announced or made available for sale, so check back often!

Secret Wars premise, according to Wikipedia:

Running twice each month until June 2015, then monthly until October, the series begins in May 2015 with an eight issue mini series (plus a Free Comic Day issue #0) and came out of the current Avengers and New Avengers “Time Runs Out” storyline. The basic premise involves the collision of the Marvel 616 Universe with the Ultimate Marvel Universe which destroys both. Pieces of the two universes are mysteriously saved and combined with other post collision universes creating the “Battleworld.”

Numerous tie-in miniseries and ongoing titles will flesh out the event with many of them revisiting previous Marvel events such as Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Years of Future Past and Armor Wars. All of the tie-ins will be aligned into one of three subtitles during the event, Battleworld, Last Days and Warzones.

Marvel’s executive editor Tom Brevoort has revealed that “Last Days” will show several characters from Captain America and Ms. Marvel to Loki and Magneto in their final adventures before the Marvel Universe comes to an end in Secret Wars, whereas “Warzones” will focus on the individual domains, and “Battleworld” will be concerned with the infrastructure of the Battleworld as a whole.

The core limited series is eight issues long, likely running for five months.  The mini series are in three categories, which are Battleworld, Warzones, and Last Days. One of the core miniseries is Ultimate End which ends the Ultimate Marvel imprint after 15 years. Ultimate End is written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley, the team that began the Ultimate Marvel universe with Ultimate Spider-Man.



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