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Ximphonic Versus: Lore – Check Out the Spectacular Episode #2 Trailer

We are very excited to once again be able to share with our fans the newest trailer for a brand new series from creative producer Xing Xin, which is in development for television program and soon to be published comic book, Ximphonic Versus. Back in May, we were able to see

Conan Unveils His New Pop! Vinyl Figures for Comic-Con 2016 #SDCC

Team Coco is coming back to San Diego Comic Con with #ConanCon and attendees of this year's convention will have the opportunity to get first crack at this exclusive lineup of Conan variant Funko Pop! Get your very own Pop Vinyl Variant Conan SDCC figures, which includes Stormtrooper Conan, Ghostbuster Conan, Superman

Shaquille O’Neal Leaves Us In Stitches With His Lip Sync Battle: “Flashdance” Performance

The BIG SEXY, brings down the house in this week's Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV. Listed at 7' ft 1" in tall and weighing 325 pounds, Shaq is one of the biggest players ever to play in the NBA. O'Neal played for six teams throughout his 19-year NBA career, and won 4 Championships. But Shaquille

Andy Samberg Recalls The Time Kiefer Sutherland Turned Into Instant Jack Bauer Mode

Today on The Talk, former Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg and writing partner Akiva Schaffer were promoting the new film "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping," when the two recalled a hilarious tale involving a real-life action movie superhero! Long before his days in the limelight at SNL, Andy was just like any struggling filmmaker, creating movies on low

Next on AMC’s PREACHER: Trailer for Episode 102 – ‘See’

Jesse Custer, returns home to West Texas to take over a filthy rundown church in a desperate isolated dust-town. Jesse's mission, however, becomes twisted when his body is overcome by a cryptic creature that unleashes within him a highly unconventional holy and unholy like powers. Don’t miss next episode of Preacher

PopCultHQ Interviews Xing Xin and Previews His Epic Adventure – “Ximphonic Versus”

Ximphonic Versus: Fabula Cristallum Thronus. PopCultHQ Review: We have been very fortunate to get a special exclusive sneak peek at Ximphonic Versus, thanks to Ximphonic Versus' phenom artist Xing Xin. What a privilege it was to get a glimpse of what fans will be blown away by when this jaw-dropping fantasy tale coming to television. Ximphonic Versus: Fabula

Everybody Loves Doris – Remembering Doris Roberts

Marcus "The Menace" back at you fans again sadly with some more tragic news for the entertainment Community. Actress Doris Roberts passed away Sunday April 17th 2016 at her home in Los Angeles. The long time actress has received five Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild award during her illustrious  career. Doris