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PopCultHQ Explores the Undefined Infinite — Watch ‘The UNDEFINITY Show’

PopCultHQ has been following Undefinity for quite some time and it is easy to say we are thoroughly impressed by the content that they have released.  They brought us the Surviving with Daryl series, Billy & Betty, Jack […]

Right in the Feels

Edmund and Stella Twilight Parody Video Goes Viral Worldwide!

Undefinity recently released a prequel to their latest “Surviving with Daryl” series. This spoof parody video finally gives those who loathe the love story of Twilight, a more satisfying ending. This video has been trending […]


Dentist Appointment With Dr. Daryl Dixon – Another Hilarious The Walking Dead Parody “Teeth”

Ben Layton (Cosplayer/Actor) and his brothers, Stephen Layton (Writer) and Jonathan Layton (Director/Editor), are at it again with another chuckle inducing video.  We first saw the crossbow wielding character show off his skills in the kitchen […]