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A Golden Age Indeed!

June marks Superman’s 79th anniversary since first appearing in Action Comics #1 back in 1938. By the same comparison, June also marks the 79th anniversary of the Golden Age of Comics. This point in time was not only the beginning of the American superhero comic book empire, but also the

See This A Capella Tribute To Composer John Williams

  If you're a fan of iconic movies, chances are high that you are very familiar with the music of legendary composer John Williams. At Harvard University's graduation ceremony this year, he was presented with an honorary doctorate for music. Making the event even more special, student a capella group Din

Golden Raspberry Nominations Announced

Every year has its share of films that receive dozens of nominations for being the best. They’re the movies people can’t stop talking about, and that all your friends tell you that you must see. But there are also those movies that were just horrible, and you can’t believe that

‘Super’ Stylin’ Suits

Are you a secret superhero? Do you feel more comfortable in your ‘costume’ than the shirt and tie you wear all week? Do you leave the office, ripping off your tie and tearing open your jacket?

If so, then I have the perfect solution for you. Now you can be a superhero even in the office with these awesome suits from

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