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Why “Making A Murderer” on NETFLIX is the Newest Sensation?!

Netflix’s Making A Murderer is the hottest new trending topic of conversation in 2016 for anyone whose seen or has not seen it. The 10-part documentary series by The A.V. Club and filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos is the must watch essential crime TV that has everyone streaming. Filmed and produced over

PopcultHQ Has a Blast at #C2E2 List of our Exclusive Interviews and Overview of the Show!

As a hard-core fan of all things pop culture and especially comic books, I was more than excited to go visit my very first C2E2 comic and entertainment convention. Holy comic con Batman what an amazing time was had by your PopcultHQ head geek, me.....MannysPlace! I have personally been going to