Robot Chicken give us the 100th episode of The Walking Dead (Only until October 16th)

What do Unicorns, RV Kings, musical theater, Rapunzel and Michael Jackson have to do with The Walking Dead? Damned if I know, but you have until October 16th to find out on Robot Chicken. And […]

Comic Book News

“Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever” Collection From Microcosm Publishing Now Available On ComiXology

Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever, published by Microcosm Press, is now available as a digital collection on comiXology for the first time! Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever is a fictionalized parody of the domestic life […]

Right in the Feels

Edmund and Stella Twilight Parody Video Goes Viral Worldwide!

Undefinity recently released a prequel to their latest “Surviving with Daryl” series. This spoof parody video finally gives those who loathe the love story of Twilight, a more satisfying ending. This video has been trending […]


Dentist Appointment With Dr. Daryl Dixon – Another Hilarious The Walking Dead Parody “Teeth”

Ben Layton (Cosplayer/Actor) and his brothers, Stephen Layton (Writer) and Jonathan Layton (Director/Editor), are at it again with another chuckle inducing video.  We first saw the crossbow wielding character show off his skills in the kitchen […]


Cooking With Daryl Dixon – A Hilarious ‘The Walking Dead’ Parody

Ben Layton (Cosplayer/Actor) and his brothers, Stephen Layton (Writer) and Jonathan Layton (Director/Editor), have just released a hilarious take on what it might be like surviving with the infamous Daryl Dixon. In AMC’s The Walking Dead, […]