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‘The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia’ from Dark Horse – The Ultimate Reference Guide to Hyrule

DARK HORSE PRODUCES EXHAUSTIVE COMPENDIUM FOR “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA” FANS Partners to Release “The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia” in 2018 The Legend of Zelda™ fans rejoice! Dark Horse is thrilled to reveal the latest addition in their legendary partnership with Nintendo. On April 24, 2018, Dark Horse will release The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia. The

Cosplay Photos: Dragon Con 2017 (Part 2)

Friday was the first official day of DragonCon and it was a great day of adventures. Old friends were reacquainted, new friends were made and of course, cosplay was shared by many. <Dragon Con Offers New Streaming Service> Thanks to Kirsten Asensio and Jason Ernst at ChicagoConPics, we have photos to share of some of

Two Years Ago Today – May 18, 2015

Two years ago Manny told us how The Last Starfighter screenwriter Jonathan R. Betuel was supposedly working on a rewrite of the script, as we haven't heard anything since then, I am sincerely hoping that we never see it. Too many 'rewrites' and 'reboots' have ruined great movies. This is also

Check Out the NEW Trailer for the Nintendo Switch!

The once-rumored Nintendo NX has been revealed as Nintendo Switch! This home/on-the-go system looks incredible and has many useful features: detachable controllers for 2 players, kickstand for viewing/watching, head-to-head competition on adjacent device(s), portable handheld unit, easy conversion to home tv, and more! Check out the 3+ minute video and

Nintendo Japan Unearths Sealed Famicom and Famicom Disk Systems

Nintendo of Japan looked like they struck gold during an episode of Storage Wars! Earlier this week, the video game giant happen to be digging through an old storage unit when they hit the retro gaming jackpot: Still sealed Famicom units and Famicom Disk Systems. Just wow! They also came across the rarely seen Famicom

Journey Back in Time with Nintendo Power

Back in the early days of gaming, we didn't have thousands of websites and videos that told us where to find special weapons or how to kill the boss monster. We had to struggle to figure it out. Then in July 1988, we given the power to find the secret

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