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Netflix Announces New Korean Original Stand-Up Comedy Special w/ YG Entertainment ft. Yoo Byung-Jae

NETFLIX ANNOUNCES NEW KOREAN ORIGINAL STAND-UP COMEDY SPECIAL WITH YG ENTERTAINMENT Netflix Inc., the world’s leading internet entertainment service, today announced that it is introducing a new Korean Netflix Original Stand-Up Comedy Special with YG Entertainment featuring Yoo Byung-Jae. Yoo, who is known as an actor, screenwriter, and television personality in Korea, gained popularity

Stranger Things Theme Song with Lyrics

Stranger Things has been out for a while now, and most people have watched it. But do you ever actually pay attention to that creepy sounding theme song? Apparently The Warp Zone did...and they created lyrics that go perfectly with it...and without any spoilers. Check it out:  

Dark Fantasy THE MAGIC ORDER by Mark Millar & Olivier Coipel Revealed as First Franchise Comic for Netflix’s Millarworld

Mark Millar Unveils The Magic Order as First Comic Book for Netflix Mark Millar has revealed The Magic Order as the first franchise he will create as part of the recent acquisition of Millarworld by Netflix, the world’s leading Internet entertainment service. The Magic Order will appear as a comic-book written by Millar with Marvel

New to Netflix – PJ Masks

Once a week, I will turn on Netflix and select the first show listed under New Releases. This week's show is a children's series called PJ Masks. PJ Masks follows three 6-year-olds, Connor, Amaya, and Greg, who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbors, classmates, and friends. However, at

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Presents Halloween ComicFest 2017 – Saturday, October 28th at Comic Shops!

Halloween ComicFest 2017 is this Saturday! It's an international event that celebrates comics and the local comic shops that build community. Plus FREE Comics! Celebrating its sixth year, Halloween ComicFest is an annual event where participating local comic shops across North America and beyond celebrate the Halloween season by giving away