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[Comic Book Review] Black Mask Studios’ 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK TPB by Matthew Rosenberg, Tyler Boss & Thomas Mauer #NCBD

PopCultHQ received a review copy of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank TPB from Black Mask Studios. Available November 8th, 2017, the creative team for this series features writing from Matthew Rosenberg, art and colors from Tyler Boss, and lettering from Thomas Mauer. Here's PopCultHQ's spoiler-free review of...   4 Kids Walk Into A

Hasbro Gives Custom Action Figure to Chewbacca Mom: Your Reactions to Candace Payne Fame?

Chewbacca Mom hysteria is still flying high as the newest instant Internet viral sensation is honored by Hasbro. The world first saw Candace Payne and her fun-loving attitude while she was in her car outside of a Texas Kohl's. Right after purchasing that now famous Chewbacca talking mask, and making a

Shaquille O’Neal Leaves Us In Stitches With His Lip Sync Battle: “Flashdance” Performance

The BIG SEXY, brings down the house in this week's Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV. Listed at 7' ft 1" in tall and weighing 325 pounds, Shaq is one of the biggest players ever to play in the NBA. O'Neal played for six teams throughout his 19-year NBA career, and won 4 Championships. But Shaquille

Andy Samberg Recalls The Time Kiefer Sutherland Turned Into Instant Jack Bauer Mode

Today on The Talk, former Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg and writing partner Akiva Schaffer were promoting the new film "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping," when the two recalled a hilarious tale involving a real-life action movie superhero! Long before his days in the limelight at SNL, Andy was just like any struggling filmmaker, creating movies on low

The Adventure Begins with “Indie Comics” #1: Listed in June 2016’s Preview!

Indie Comics #1 - Available for pre-order this June from Aazurn Publishing is an eclectic mix of featured stories. The adventure begins in Indie Comics #1 with the six original featured, black and white stories from vastly different creative teams from around the indie and professional comic book industry. Terry Cronin, Michael R. Carr, Brad

Trump Among Most Popular Names Used In Plague Inc.

Forget Skynet, InGen, or Oscorp, the Trump Virus will succeed where all those companies have failed! According to a recent tweet from Plague Inc developer Ndemic Creations, Trump has been one of the widely popular names that players have used for the extinction level illnesses. Players can give their own deadly

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