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The Songbird Pistol of Frères Rochat

This beautiful songbird pistol is a rare automaton from around 1815 and was created by Frères Rochat. In appearance it is a finely worked cavalry pistol covered in jewels, perhaps carried by a dandy onto the field of battle as a show piece. This stunning piece is incapable of firing a round and was never designed as a weapon.

The World Mourns The Loss Of An Icon: Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74

Brash, handsome and passionately outspoken, at 22-year-old Ali was the complete polar opposite of Sonny Liston, an old-school humble quiet boxer who wanted nothing more than to shut this newcomer up. Ali constantly berated, taunted Liston, calling him names like the “big ugly bear.” In the pre-bout hype, Ali announced "Clay

Forget Wonder Woman – Check out the Real Amazons of History

The Dahomey Amazons are the only truly documented all-female front-line military unit in modern history.

This was a tough-ass group of battle hardened veterans that were feared throughout Western Africa for over two centuries. They were well known for their refusal to retreat from any fight unless ordered by their king.

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