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Telltale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Finale – Official Trailer is Here!

Telltale Games has released the finale trailer for their mini series The Walking Dead: Michonne.  Telltale has been very successful in bringing The Walking Dead to life in its previous two different comic-feel games.  Gamers might be more familiar with Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' which follows a different group that is not

Telltale Releases Extended Preview To Their Miniseries ‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’

Telltale Games has released an extended preview trailer of their newest miniseries The Walking Dead: Michonne.  Michonne, being a popular character in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics and AMC's The Walking Dead has joined the animated world Telltale has created in honor of the comic book and television series. Check out the trailer

#E32015 A Gamer Dream Comes True as Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Will Have Backward Compatibility

There has been much hesitance for many Xbox 360 gamers to move to the most recent gen released by Microsoft, the Xbox One, but after Microsoft's most recent announcement, that might all change. Get ready to play your #Xbox360 games on #XboxOne. #XboxE3 — Xbox (@Xbox) June 15, 2015 100 titles (popular