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PopCultHQ Spotlight: Delcourt-Soleil – ‘Elves’

Elves Written by: Jarry Translated By: Christina Cox-De Ravel Art by: Gianluca Maconi Colored by: Saito FIVE RACES IN THE SAME WORLD, FIVE WRITERS AND FIVE ILLUSTRATORS, FOR FIVE ENTHRALLING STORIES! Set against the backdrop of a shared world, five creative teams explore differing aspects of this Fantasy universe. Each pairing - writer and illustrator - bring their own vision

PopCultHQ Spotlight: Delcourt-Soleil – ‘Hauteville House’

Hauteville House Written by: Fred Duval Translated By: Studio Charon Art by: Thierry Gioux Christophe Quet Colored by: Carole Beau A STEAMPUNK, ESPIONAGE ADVENTURE, COMBINING HISTORY AND THE ESOTERIC! Hauteville House: Zelda 1864, under an imaginary Second Empire, Napoléon III uses his army and his secret service to study certain phenomena relating to the occult and to popular legends. His goal is

PopCultHQ Spotlight: Delcourt-Soleil – ‘Iron Squad’

Iron Squad Written by: Jean-Luc Sala Translated By: Studio Charon Art by: Ronan Toulhoat THE UCHRONIC SERIES WITH MEKAPANZERS INSIDE! How will the appearance of a new technology in 1944 alter the course of World War II? And how will this lead the Germans towards Victory? In 1946, the Mecha War begins! Iron Squad: Red Commando / Operation Rebalance On