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Cosplay Spotlight: Timothy R. Harrison

Tim Harrison of HDC Cosplay and Fabrication is a long time cosplayer, propmaster and all-around tech geek. Reptile (AKA Laird of Cosplay) had the opportunity to corner to him for an interview... PopCultHQ: Tim, thank you for being my Cosplay guest today. Let me start by saying all your cosplays I have

[Interview] Sandy King Carpenter & James Ninness Discuss John Carpenter’s ‘Tales of Science Fiction’

Sandy King Carpenter has been working in film media since the 70’s, primarily as a script supervisor. She has worked on almost every form of media including TV, film and animation with many of the big names in those productions. While working on Starman in 1984, she met John Carpenter; four

PopCultHQ’s Reptile Talks to Star Wars Fans at C2E2 2017

C2E2 has come and gone, but while attending the convention, I thought I would join in with the cosplay theme. I kicked in my hologram mode and I slipped into Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. While there, I asked Star Wars Cosplayers what would have happened if Captain Picard

Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 – Sunday Part 3

Sunday of C2E2 might not have had as many attendees as the previous days, but there were still a lot of cosplayers running around in their best cosplays. It was Family Day so there were lots of Disney characters, superheroes, and cartoon characters. You can see our previous Sunday cosplay coverage

Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 – Saturday Part 4

Saturday of C2E2 is usually the day everyone brings out their biggest and most impressive cosplays, and the cosplayers did not disappoint! As the Crown Championship of Cosplay was taking place that evening, many of the competitors walked the floor in their cosplays, giving everyone a closer look at what

Cosplay Photos: C2E2 2017 – Saturday Part 3

The second day of C2E2 was packed, but this is also the day that the best costumes came out and the day of the Crown Championship! Check out the Friday cosplay Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3. We also covered Saturday Part 1 and Part 2 and Sunday Part 1 and Part 2. Stay tuned