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Cosplay Photos: Ramencon 2017

Ramencon is a smaller anime convention with under 2000 attendees. This is a yearly event in South Bend, IN that is run by fans for fans. They never have A-list celebrities, but the guest list is a well-rounded group of voice actors from well-known shows. This list includes voice actors

Cosplay Photos: Glass City Con

Glass City Con is a two-day convention in Toledo, OH. They bill themselves as "Toledo’s Premiere Anime & Gaming convention." Last year saw 1,600 attendees. This year's guest list consisted of several voice actors such as Leah Clark, Tony Oliver, and Jad Saxton. They had a variety of musical talent including The Harp Twins,  and

Cosplay Photos: Indy Pop Con – Friday (Part 3)

This past weekend saw the return of Indy Pop Con, and with it were all the cosplayers. Since it was just the first day of the convention, there didn't seem to be a ton of cosplayers, but everyone who did dress up looked incredible. There were still plenty of attendees,

Cosplay Photos: PortConMaine 2017

PortConMaine is a 15-year old, three-day anime and gaming convention in Portland, Maine.  It is a smaller convention with under 5,000 attendees, but some of those are the best cons; they are what conventions were before they became mainstream. And best of all the Cosplay Rocked! PortConMaine is already set for

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