The Dark Tower Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray October 31st

I grew up reading Stephen King, most of his stuff I liked and some of it I loved. The Dark Tower series falls into the latter category (well except Wizard and Glass). “The man in Black fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed" That sentence pulled me in and I had

[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone’s 9/20 Release: MISBEGOTTEN: RUNAWAY NUN #1

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment's Danger Zone imprint has the highly-anticipated debut of MISBEGOTTEN: RUNAWAY NUN. What if Marilyn Monroe fell in love with Jesus of Nazareth and tried to save him from the cross? There is a world in which this scenario is not that far-fetched—the world of Misbegotten! Half post-apocalyptic adventure and

[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone’s 9/20 Release: ZOMBIE TRAMP #39

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment's Danger Zone imprint has the continuing adventures of ZOMBIE TRAMP. The battle on the beach continues for Janey and Xula. Expect things to get graphic like only Zombie Tramp can bring you! Here's a look at the covers, storyline and preview pages for this week's new release from Action Lab: Danger

CONAN in Israel – #ConanIsrael

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN! Conan Visits Jerusalem & Outlines Trump’s Peace Plan: Conan shares President Trump’s blueprints for dividing up the Holy Land and learns that he's better at making friends than haggling. Conan Hits The Streets & Beaches Of Tel Aviv: On Conan's first day in

Rose City Comic Con Bans Hydra and Red Skull Cosplays

Is there a line between cosplay and a hate symbol? Attendees at this year's Rose City Comic Con seemed to be testing that boundary, and as a result the convention has amended its costume policy to ban all Old School Hydra and Red Skull cosplays. In an article on IO9, convention

Cosplayers Help The Real Superheroes for a Day

Dupage County Safety Fair feature

Cosplayers do more than simply dress up and play superhero. Sometimes they are superheroes and other times they help the real superheroes. On Saturday, September 17th, the DuPage County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the municipal Police and fire departments hosted "Safety Saturday." This event is aimed at heightening public awareness

Last Night on CONAN – 9/18/17: Fred Savage | Paula Patton | Shane Torres

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN! On Monday, September 18th, Conan welcomes Fred Savage, Paula Patton, and Shane Torres Conan On Trump’s Weekend Tweetstorm: Conan jokes about Trump's tweets, Mike Pence's favorite TV show, and Hillary's vote tally. #ConanIsrael Sneak Peak: The Dead Sea: Watch Conan float and flirt in

[Preview] AfterShock Comics Announces MONSTRO MECHANICA #1 – Paul Allor & Chris Evenhuis Masterfully Blend Da Vinci and Machines

"Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master." - Leonardo da Vinci From creators Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Chris Evenhuis (Wynonna Earp) comes this swashbuckling adventure story about war, identity and the birth of the modern world! AfterShock Comics is a perfect fit for MONSTRO MECHANICA according

[Preview] Action Lab’s ATHENA VOLTAIRE PULP TALES – Collected Stories of the 1930s Aviatrix Spanning the Globe ft. Over a Dozen Contributors

Athena Voltaire gets back to her roots with ATHENA VOLTAIRE PULP TALES 1930s adventuress Athena Voltaire is admittedly inspired by Doc Savage, the Shadow, and other giants of the pulp era, and now she's starring in her own collection of pulp-style stories. This November, Action Lab Entertainment unleashes Athena Voltaire Pulp Tales—a collection of two-fisted stories