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The New Black Panther Trailer is Here!

The new Black Panther trailer is here and it promises us a whole new adventure in brand new parts of the world. In Wakanda, we get a glimpse of a land where modern technology meets ancient culture, and surpasses both. T'Challa has taken the throne and he find himself surrounded by

[Video] Teaser Reveals Hard-Hitting Frank Castle for Netflix’s Upcoming Marvel Series ‘The Punisher’

If you haven't finished watching The Defenders on Netflix, then I recommend that you go do it. There hasn't been much disappointment in the Marvel/Netflix teamups. The next Marvel character coming to a solo show on Netflix is The Punisher and they've given us just a little teaser to whet our appetites.   Frank

Newest Trailer for Marvel’s The Inhumans is Better than the Rest

The Inhumans premiere episode is coming to IMAX on September 1st and so far, everything I have seen has ensured that I wouldn't be hitting the theater. The newest trailer, however, give the series a promising look. It could be that we get minimal clips and only a few seconds of each

Doctor Strange in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

Post-credit scenes in Marvel movies have become a standard and they usually give a tiny little hint about an upcoming Marvel movie. It seems that one post-credit scene may have given us more of a hint about Thor: Ragnarok than we all realized. At the end of Doctor Strange, we see

My Little Pony: The Movie Comes to Theaters October 6th

If you are a "My Little Pony" fan, then you probably already know this, but My Little Pony: The Movie is due to hit theaters on October 6th. It may be considered a kids movie, but it's got quite a following and fans eagerly waiting for its release. With a star-studded

[Preview] Z2 Comics’ MURDER BALLADS Original Soundtrack Single & Graphic Novel

Z2 Comics Releases MURDER BALLADS Original Soundtrack Single and Graphic Novel Preview Featuring music by bluesman Robert Finley and Grammy-Award winner Dan Auerbach and an Excerpt of the Acclaimed Graphic Novel by Gabe Soria, Paul Reinwand and Chris Hunt Z2 Comics has published the eagerly anticipated MURDER BALLADS original soundtrack by bluesman Robert Finley and

Submit Your Inspired Fan Art & Get Published w/ the Valiant Vanquished Fan Art Contest!

Presenting the Valiant Vanquished Fan Art Contest – Running Through August 13th! Enter Now for the Chance to be Published in a Valiant Entertainment Comic Book! Valiant Digital is proud to announce the Valiant Vanquished Fan Art Contest – a fun-filled chance to let fans worldwide bring the exciting world of VALIANT VANQUISHED: SEASON TWO to

‘Black Panther’ Trailer Done w/ Legos!

Black Panther is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018. Unfortunately we have to wait until February before we can see it. In the meantime, we get teased with posters and little tidbits. To hold you over, however, you can watch this stunning Lego trailer done by Huxley Berg Studios Enjoy!

‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Show Us Medusa’s Lackluster Locks in Action

Marvel's Inhumans is set to debut this month and very few people are looking forward to it. This is perhaps the most poorly anticipated show out of the entire MCU. The only thing that anyone is anticipating about this show is the train wreck. The newest trailer released by ABC shows