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“Stranger Things” Action Figures Coming in August

Whether you are a toy collector, a horror fan, or just a fan of Netflix's hit show Stranger Things, we have found something new to spend your money on. Funko, the creator of POP! Vinyls is coming out with a new line of Stranger Things action figures in August. Action Figure: Stranger Things From Netflix’s

Marvel’s Funko Animated Short Features Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Let's be honest here - the reason most Marvel fans are excited about next May's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is because we get more of Baby Groot, which we only got a glimpse of in a post-credits scene of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. Now, Marvel and

November List of Upcoming Conventions

At, we like to stay on top of the cosplay and convention scene. We have a list of conventions for the year that we continually try to update. Here is our list of conventions for November

Hasbro’s SDCC Exclusive? Marvel Legends ‘The Raft’ Action Figure Box Set

  San Diego Comic-Con International is where companies from around the world come to peddle their wares and offer exclusive merchandise that can typically only be found at the event. This year, Hasbro is teaming with Marvel to offer a brand-new set of action figures sure to move quickly at the

Entertainment Earth’s SDCC Exclusive: ‘The Joker’s Wild’ 19″ Batman Figure

Batman v Superman: Joker's Wild Batman - Convention Exclusive: The Joker gets his revenge on Batman! The Clown Prince of Crime "improves" your action figure with a bunch of crude symbols and drawings. Exclusive limited edition The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure! The grimy Gotham City walls

The Chewbacca Mask Seen Round The World: See How The Mask Became A Reality

On May 20th, Candace Payne became an overnight sensation when she used Facebook's new streaming video feature Live to show her excitement at buying herself a birthday present that brought her so much joy... a Chewbacca mask. The electronic toy sounds like the famous Wookiee from the Star Wars films; it

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