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[Theater Thursday] PopCultHQ Presents: ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’- Cult Classic

“I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania” - Dr. Frank-N-Furter As Halloween draws ever closer, every kind of monster movie gets dusted off and played nationwide again. And there is no film more kooky or beloved than this cult classic. The year is 1975, a time that saw Charlie Chaplin

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: KINGSMAN: THE RED DIAMOND #2 from Image Comics

PopCultHQ received a review copy of KINGSMAN: THE RED DIAMOND #2 from Image Comics. Available Wednesday, October 11th, the creative team for this series features writing from Rob Williams, art from Simon Fraser, colors by Gary Caldwell, and lettering from Peter Doherty. Here's PopCultHQ's spoiler-free review of… KINGSMAN: THE RED DIAMOND #2 Writer: Rob Williams Artist: Simon

NYCC 2017: ‘Constantine’ First Look And More!

Even though his NBC series failed to get a second season, the fan outcry for more of John Constantine has seen the character come back to TV and animation, proving that you can't easily get rid of the demon hunter. Animated Series First Look Back in January, CW executive producer Greg Berlanti

NYCC 2017: Rise Up with the New ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Trailer

Earlier this year at SDCC, we got our first look at Pacific Rim: Uprising with a teaser trailer for the sequel to the 2013 hit. Today during a panel at NYCC, fans got to see the first full trailer for the movie. In addition to this, we now have a

New Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Looks Grim but Hopeful

As we saw in a previous trailer for the final season, Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire are looking to crack down on the Rebellion. This latest trailer for the show's final season shows that the threat to Sabine and Mandalore may be even more serious than we originally thought. Thrawn

PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ETERNITY #1 from Valiant Entertainment

PopCultHQ received a review copy of ETERNITY #1 from Valiant Entertainment. Available October 25th, 2017, the creative team for this series features writing from Matt Kindt, art from Trevor Hairsine, and colors by David Baron. Here's PopCultHQ's spoiler-free review of... ETERNITY #1 Writer: Matt Kindt Artist: Trevor Hairsine Colorist: David Baron In Shops: October 25, 2o17 SRP:

Streaming Options for Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

When TV first came out you had some pretty limited viewing options, then cable came along and those viewing options expanded. Satellite gave us even more viewing options. Now we also have the Internet, and thanks to the Internet we have streaming. Now we have too many choices. I'll leave it

[Theater Thursdays] PopCultHQ Presents: ‘How The West Was Won’- Western Film Extravaganza

This week the journey in time will go back to 1962, and then even further back with the movie in question. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd (along with the deaths that same day of authors Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis), The Amazing Spider-Man #1 hitting

Rose City Comic Con Bans Hydra and Red Skull Cosplays

Is there a line between cosplay and a hate symbol? Attendees at this year's Rose City Comic Con seemed to be testing that boundary, and as a result the convention has amended its costume policy to ban all Old School Hydra and Red Skull cosplays. In an article on IO9, convention

J.J. Abrams to Direct Episode IX, and More ‘Star Wars’ News

In the last week, there has been a lot of news in the Star Wars universe, and we're here to give you all the details! First off, Lucasfilm announced in a statement last Tuesday they and director Colin Trevorrow had agreed to part ways in regards to him directing Star Wars: