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Top 5 Villains That Would Be Great For ‘The Flash’ Movie

With superhero movies on the rise, we have finally been promised a Flash movie that is coming to theaters in 2018. Unfortunately for DC, this movie seems to keep getting delayed by directors, the writing team, and actors. Because of this, I have decided to make a Top 5 list

PopCultHQ TV Theory – ‘The Flash’: Is Dr. Harrison Wells the Reverse Flash?!

Character development on a television series is an integral component in generating a response from a viewer. Be it a reaction of excitement or celebration when a protagonist adds another layer to their identity, or perhaps when feelings of hatred or disgust arise when the show's antagonist further grows in

DC Films Studio Admits There Is “Room for Improvement”

When it has come to video games or TV shows, DC has been doing great. As for movies….well, they are definitely falling short. Face it, the DC cinematic universe pretty much sucks.

Hasbro Gives Custom Action Figure to Chewbacca Mom: Your Reactions to Candace Payne Fame?

Chewbacca Mom hysteria is still flying high as the newest instant Internet viral sensation is honored by Hasbro. The world first saw Candace Payne and her fun-loving attitude while she was in her car outside of a Texas Kohl's. Right after purchasing that now famous Chewbacca talking mask, and making a

Remembering A Music and Pop Culture Icon: PRINCE

Prince One word, one single solitary word that is synonymous with greatness and royalty. There was only one human on this world who absolutely solidifies that very notion of the definition. His name was, Prince and he was one of the worlds greatest artist of all time. Prince Rogers Nelson, 57, died Thursday after he was

What Worked and What Failed in The Walking Dead Season Finale [Spoilers]

I am one of the many people who felt rage and disappointment with last night's The Walking Dead season finale. Once the camera switched to the victim's viewpoint, I knew they screwed us. I punched the pillow next to me in frustration. A 6-month cliffhanger? C'mon, Scott Gimple. Here's a recap

Spoiler Filled Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – What Went Wrong

With at least eight different comic book stories to cover, themes that range from simple human revenge to gods fighting amongst humans and far more plot than any movie could ever handle..... people are still wondering why I am saying this movie is a hot mess? Depending on which side of the

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