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Doctor Strange in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?

Post-credit scenes in Marvel movies have become a standard and they usually give a tiny little hint about an upcoming Marvel movie. It seems that one post-credit scene may have given us more of a hint about Thor: Ragnarok than we all realized. At the end of Doctor Strange, we see

Influential Films in Pop Culture History: ‘Back to the Future’ – 80’s Time Travel Classic

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Ah...are you trying to tell me that you built a time machine...out of a DeLorean?” - Marty McFly. For the little trip down movie memory lane this week, it's off to 1985. And this time the trip is going to be taken in style,

My Little Pony: The Movie Comes to Theaters October 6th

If you are a "My Little Pony" fan, then you probably already know this, but My Little Pony: The Movie is due to hit theaters on October 6th. It may be considered a kids movie, but it's got quite a following and fans eagerly waiting for its release. With a star-studded

‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ Shown in Theaters August 14th Prior to Digital Release – Get Tickets Now!

Last Chance to Get Tickets For The One Night Premiere Fathom Event: Batman and Harley Quinn - In Theaters on August 14 Only! Batman and Harley Quinn From an original story by animation icon Bruce Timm, comes an all-new DC Universe animated movie. Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (a.k.a. The Floronic Man) embark on an ecological

Movie Review: AMELIA 2.0 Asks “What Makes Us Human?”

What defines your humanity? Is it your brain, your soul, or the ability to love? Is trans-humanism possible? If your brain is moved to a different body are you still human? Adam Orton and TriCoast Entertainment explore that question in AMELIA 2.0. Life is good for Carter (Ben Whitehair) and Amelia

Influential Films in Pop Culture History: ‘Ghostbusters’ – Ghosts and Giggles Galore

“See you on the other side Ray.”- Peter Venkman “Nice working with you Dr. Venkman” - Ray Stanz It's time to take a journey back to 1984. President Ronald Reagan calls for an international ban on the use of chemical weapons, Michael Jackson wins a total of 8 Grammy Awards, the

Influential Films in Pop Culture History: ‘Blade Runner’ – Cops and Killer Replicants

They don't advertise for killers in the newspaper. That was my profession. Ex-cop. Ex-blade runner. Ex-killer.- Rick Deckard The year is 2019, and the city is Los Angeles. It's a city of the future, bright lights, hover cars, holographic ads. It's also a city of filth and crime and humanity. It's