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[Theater Thursday] PopCultHQ Presents: ‘Funny Face’ – Fashionable Fun

"I was taught that I ought not to expose my inner senses..." - Jo Stockton. For all the great films an actress or actor makes, there is always one that is different from others. So travel down the river of time, back to 1957 for the latest movie excursion. Big doings

Kazoo Performances of Smash Mouth and the Crash Bandicoot Theme are GREAT

I never thought I would say it, but kazoos are cool. At least they're cool when in the hands (err..mouth) of Tusko G. Tusko has performed the theme songs for almost every anime and video game I can think of and has been doing them for a long time. Crash Bandicoot Theme He also

Influential Films in Pop Culture History: ‘Back to the Future’ – 80’s Time Travel Classic

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Ah...are you trying to tell me that you built a time machine...out of a DeLorean?” - Marty McFly. For the little trip down movie memory lane this week, it's off to 1985. And this time the trip is going to be taken in style,

Influential Films in Pop Culture History: ‘Ghostbusters’ – Ghosts and Giggles Galore

“See you on the other side Ray.”- Peter Venkman “Nice working with you Dr. Venkman” - Ray Stanz It's time to take a journey back to 1984. President Ronald Reagan calls for an international ban on the use of chemical weapons, Michael Jackson wins a total of 8 Grammy Awards, the

Michael Rooker Looks For an “Absolute, Most Gorgeous Jiggly Butt” at Wizard World Sacramento 2017

One of the many reasons to attend Wizard World is for the panels -- you never know what may happen. At Wizard World Sacramento this year, we got to see some fun cosplay, enjoy a wide array of vendors, and we just so happened to have captured one of those hilarious

“It’s Always Sunny In Eternia” – Parody/Mash-Up Webseries by neatOco Launches on YouTube

The He-Man/It's Always Sunny Mash-Up You Didn't Know You Needed IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN ETERNIA What do you get when you take classic cartoon space barbarians and mix them one of the most popular comedies on cable television? You get an animated web series that is weird and funny and parodies both

PopCultHQ Explores the Undefined Infinite — Watch ‘The UNDEFINITY Show’

PopCultHQ has been following Undefinity for quite some time and it is easy to say we are thoroughly impressed by the content that they have released.  They brought us the Surviving with Daryl series, Billy & Betty, Jack & Jill: A Disappointing Horror Movie, and the award winning Naughty List.  We are so excited