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[Interview] Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes – Nik Nieves

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes Experience live-action entertainment with your favorite Marvel heroes! Are you a fan of Marvel Comics, be it film, television, animation, or comic books? Do you love the Avengers? Is Spider-Man your hero? How about Guardians of the Galaxy? PopCultHQ is excited to share with you a

Joss Whedon to Finalize Justice League Production in Wake of Zack Snyder Family Tragedy

When someone you care for dies, it can be hard to carry on. When that person passes away suddenly, it can be even harder. When it is your own flesh and blood, your own child, it can be devastating. Anyone that can pick up the pieces and hold their life together during

Star Wars Celebration 2017: Watch the Heartfelt Tribute to Carrie Fisher

Today kicked off the worldwide phenomenon that is Star Wars Celebration. This year the event in Orlando, Florida, the 40th anniversary since the debut of Star Wars: A New Hope, has been hailed as the greatest gathering and celebration of the franchise. Sadly, we lost one of the original cast

A. David Lewis Leads the Way w/ ‘HAAWIYAT,’ a Free Comic for Syrian Refugee Children

Free Haawiyat Comic for Syrian Refugee Kids The year-long Syrian conflict has displaced millions. From the horrors of Aleppo to the sheer struggle of the journey to safety, Syrians everywhere are fighting to survive, and the sheer numbers of children affected by this are catastrophic. A new hardship begins when a

Thank You Michael Rooker, Have a Great Year

A big Thank You to Michael Rooker, for everything!

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