GLOW Returning for a Second Season on Netflix

When I first saw GLOW in the Netflix lineup, I paused, chuckled to myself and moved on. After all GLOW was Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It was an attempt to ride the coattails of the wrestling craze. I had seen a few matches and then went back to watching Hulk Hogan and Macho Man.

I assumed Netflix had obtained the rights to air the old matches from the ‘80s, other than that I hadn’t paid much attention. I hadn’t even read the description. Then I started hearing talk about it, people actually seemed to be enjoying it so I took a second look. Turns out it wasn’t the wrestling matches, it was based on the history of the GLOW league, the women behind it and how it started. Not the actual fights.

My husband and I started watching and we were hooked and actually finished the 10th episode yesterday. It was a fantastic series that ended too soon.

Conveniently, yesterday is also the day that a second season of GLOW was announced.


We don’t have any details at this point, just that the second season of GLOW will be the same length as season one (10 episodes).


Glow stars Marc MaronMarianna PalkaJackie TohnKimmy GatewoodRebekka JohnsonAlison BrieSydelle NoelKia StevensBetty GilpinKate NashEllen WongBritney YoungSunita ManiGayle Rankin, and Britt Baron.