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[Preview] See Exotic Aliens Through the Lens of ROSCO: ALIEN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER

Explore exotic alien wildlife!

Imagine yourself on an exotic, alien planet in search of strange, alien wildlife… to photograph. This is the job of Rosco in his new colorful book aptly titled ROSCO: ALIEN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER. This hardcover book is ANIMAL PLANET mixed with POKEMON, with a splash of RATCHET AND CLANK. So come join the intrepid Rosco and his robot buddy Vincent as they scour the planet of Grangawa in pursuit of colorful aliens to capture on film.
ROSCO is a campy journal about a purple alien’s quest to capture exotic, alien wildlife through the lenses of his camera. No book coming out today explores the crazy antics of alien wildlife photography like ROSCO: ALIEN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER.
Writer: Aaron Humphres
Artist: Aaron Humphres
Cover Artist: Aaron Humphres

32 pgs./ E / FC


Creator Aaron Humphres comments, “I want my book to spark people’s imagination about all the astonishing places we could explore in the Cosmos and beyond.” He continues, “As a child I loved books that let me explore the possibilities of the universe, either through science or imagination. This book is what I would have adored as a child and bugged my parents to read to me every night.”

ROSCO: ALIEN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER will be available in comic book stores on October 25. Preorder with Diamond item code AUG171073. Explore exotic alien wildlife with Rosco in these preview pages below:


*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment

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