Two Years Ago Today – March 27

On March 27. 2015 Pop Sugar introduced the Batman Line of Dorbz. These 3″ vinyl figures are just adorable! As predicted, the Batman series grew to include Joker, Catwoman, Batman variants and so much more. Check them out on the Funko site.


Manny told us that Ray Stevenson would be starring as Blackbeard in the Starz series, Black Sails. Black Sails is now in its fourth season.


This is the day we found out that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 had started filming. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows hit theaters in 2016 and got a mediocre reception by critics. As for the Turtles fans….Some loved it, others not so much.


At the same time we were learning about the new TMNT movie, we also found out that the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis was putting on an exhibit highlighting the heroes in a half shell.

Ryan Reynolds gave us a first look at the new Deadpool suit, and we all LOVED it.

Official Deadpool movie costume

This was the final day for our first big contest where we gave away, an exclusive variant cover to “No Honor” #1 done by Michael Turner (RIP Michael) and signed by Fiona Avery, the writer and creator of the No Honor series from Image Comics.

Michael Turner variant No Honor #1 foil cover

Robert Kirkman announced that the new Walking Dead Spin-off series would be called Fear the Walking Dead.

We also found out that the series Alien Nation would be made into a movie. Since then, the only announcement was in September 2016, where Fox told us that Jeff Nichols would be writing and directing. There have been no developments since then.