Two Years Ago Today – Mar. 10

March 10, 2015 was the day we learned about a spin-off series for The Walking Dead.  At the time we had no title, but we later learned that it was to be known as Fear the Walking Dead. AMC had a lot of faith in the future of this show because they ordered two seasons of it, before it even aired. Less than half of spin-off series ever seem to make it, but this one currently is on its third season.

This was also an exciting day for many of us as we got a new trailer for the Netflix Daredevil series that we were eagerly awaiting. Manny was even kind enough to provide us with all of the trailers for our geeky viewing pleasure.

Reality show killed 10 people when their helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff. The reality show Dropped featured celebrities who are flown into rough terrain by helicopter where they must find food and shelter.I guess this is a show that didn’t make it.

The collision occurred shortly after take off

Disney and Director Tim Burton announced a team up for a live-action Dumbo Film. I’m not really certain how they could adapt a film based on talking animals to real-life, but it’s Disney, you never know what they have up their sleeve, and according to recent announcements, it looks like they are moving forward on it.