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Insane Comics: ISLE SQUARED COMICS to go INSANE in 2017!

Batman and Robin. Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Captain and Tennille.

Some pairings were matches made in heaven. The latest?

Insane Comics and Isle Squared Comics!

Isle Squared Comics has teamed up with Insane Comics to bring their line of books to the print market under the Insane Comics logo!

Isle Squared Comics has a great lineup of books that were just screaming to be part of the print market,” says James C. Munch, CEO of Insane Comics. “I know they will be received very well next to our other great titles.”

Not only that,” continues James. “This partnership goes to show that Insane Comics is continuing to think outside the box and is focused on redefining the indie comic market.

If you’re new to Isle Square Comics, here’s a look at some of their titles, which are currently available on comiXology:

Bang Bang Lucita

Writer: Chuck Amadori
Art: Edson Alves
Colors: Nimesh Morarji
Letters: Chuck Amadori

Lucita, a Mexican immigrant moonlights as a sexy swashbuckling knife fighter. This series is a fun modern take on the Western genre, brought to you by the creators of Snake.


Writer: Chuck Amadori
Art: Marcelo Salaza
Colors: Matheus Bronca
Letterer: Chuck Amadori

Empress is a noir tale set in the 1930s detailing the search for missing silent film queen Zia. As investigator Niles Lance is about to discover, Zia’s disappearance is far from ordinary.

Pale Dark

Writer: Chuck Amadori
Art: Ruvel Abril
Colors: Matheus Bronca, Nimesh Morarji
Letterer: Chuck Amadori

Pale Dark features the adventures of Subject K as he battles the Pale Man and his army of powerful goons. Taken into custody by the mysterious Pale Man, Subject K is interrogated and tortured for reasons unknown to him. He is about to learn the world is a much larger place than he ever could have imagined.


Writer: Chuck Amadori
Art: Alex Reis
Colors: Nimesh Morarji
Letterer: Chuck Amadori
Snake is a former outlaw on the road to redemption. She soon discovers the road to redemption has a lot of detours. A modern take of the western genre.


Writer: Chuck Amadori
Art: Ruvel Abril, Edson Alves, Alex Reis, Marcelo Salaza
Colors: Matheus Bronca, Nimesh Morarji
Letterer: Chuck Amadori

TETHER tells the story of the Imperium, the last city of a once booming planet, now mostly barren. TETHER is a multi-layered story, rich with characters like Alina and Zarran, young slaves whose struggles and triumphs parallel one another. The opening arc of the series will cover Alina and Zarran’s escape from captivity, as well as introduce the power hungry Emperor Trovaar and some of the different types of Genetaclones. The look of TETHER has elements of Ancient Rome mashed up with very advanced technology.


Chuck Amadori, CEO of Isle Squared Comics adds, “by combining forces, we are expanding our mutual audiences and getting more books into readers hands.” Isle Squared Comics will continue to support the digital market with their books.

Look for the first of the trade paperbacks from Insane Comics and Isle Squared Comics in the spring of 2017!


Publisher Insane Comics:


*** info courtesy of Insane Comics

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