Last Night on CONAN (11/28): Joel McHale, Kate Mara, Alice Wetterlund


PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Monday, November 28th, Conan welcomed Joel McHale (‘The Great Indoors‘), actress Kate Mara (‘Man Down‘), and comedian Alice Wetterlund.

CONAN Monologue 11/28/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Chicago Cubs, and more…

Time To Play “How Was Your Thanksgiving?: How was Andy’s family Thanksgiving? It was fine. Fine! Totally fine. It was very fine. It wasn’t fine at all.

Joel McHale Wants Conan To Write A Book: Conan has a ton of celebrity dirt to dish but his book won’t be as neon bright as Joel’s book is.

Joel McHale’s 8-Year-Old Son Is Super Sarcastic: It’s sort of cosmically apt that Jeff Winger’s boy loves to mock his dad’s fame.

Joel McHale Committed Fraud To Get His Book Published: Between smack-talking Angela Lansbury & falsifying Ken Jeong’s approval, Joel has crossed more than a few lines to get his book out.

Joel McHale Tweeted A Pic With Conan & Some Ass: Why did Joel tweet out a picture of their waiter’s ass? Well, it’s a pretty nice ass, says Joel.

Conan Tops Joel McHale’s Wild Animal Story: Joel got bit by a baby bear on his new show, but Conan can do him one better with his water buffalo story.

Kate Mara’s British Boyfriend Accidentally Dented The Vince Lombardi Trophy: Kate comes from a football dynasty family, so they were all equally shocked when he drop kicked football’s greatest trophy.

Kate Mara Loved Working With Shia LaBeouf: Shia is a super-intense actor, so he would work out in-between takes in full military gear, which made him a bit stinky.

Alice Wetterlund Stand-Up 11/28/16: Alice Wetterlund is a proud feminist, which doesn’t mean she hates men. That part is completely coincidental.

Tonight, Conan welcomes Senator Bernie Sanders, comedian Pete Holmes, and musical guest Shovels & Rope.


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